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Conversations About Living And Leading With Hiv

Do you know someone who has HIV? Perhaps you are living with it and are in desperate need of support in dealing with the emotional, physical, and interpersonal effects of the diagnosis. You don’t have to feel isolated, unworthy, or like you are damaged goods. The Heather Ivy Society was created just for you. We are a support organization for women living with HIV. Based in Atlanta, GA, our organization offers a safe forum where you’ll discover the camaraderie and support of other women who share the same experiences. You will also find practical strategies to overcome feelings of stigma, worry, blame, or shame.

Peer Ambassador Program

Heather Ivy Society utilizes the lived experiences of peers as HIV educators and treatment navigation partners to guide women from their hospitalization experience to stable outpatient follow-up. Our hospital-based AMBASSADOR program assists women who are hospitalized secondary to HIV-related complications to link them to outpatient HIV treatment and services.

Patients and case managers may request the assistance of an AMBASSADOR by contacting us at

HOUSING: Heather’s House

Heather Ivy Society’s safer space for women where there is community and a welcomed sense of belonging. Heather’s House is our host venue for hybrid support meetings and other private events. It is where you can share your experiences without fear of discrimination, stigma, or reprisal.

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Transportation Assistance Program

Heather Ivy Society provides transportation support to get women who are living with HIV to and from their medical visits, pharmacy visits and support group sessions. Patients and case managers may request transportation assistance by contacting us at

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