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Support Starts Here

Have you been diagnosed with HIV? If so, it may feel like your world has come crashing down. Fortunately, you never need to suffer in silence. Many women throughout our nation have gone down the same path as you and have learned to live happy and healthy lives. You simply need a caring and helping hand.

Heather Ivy Society provides an anonymous, online HIV support group where you can speak with peers and professionals. Not only do we offer emotional assistance, but we educate our members and provide the resources they need, such as specialty medical services, contraceptive options, and education regarding infectious diseases.

We are more than a support group. We are a community that helps our members have access to relevant preventive measures to preserve and promote good health. But most importantly, we offer compassionate medical support and the latest information regarding HIV..

Contact us for immediate and caring support if you’ve been diagnosed with HIV. Based in Atlanta, GA, our organization proudly offers our services for women throughout the nation.

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