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Online Hiv Support Services Based In Atlanta, Ga

When diagnosed with HIV, it’s important you receive medical care as soon as possible. However, you also need emotional support. Dealing with an illness is extremely difficult and so is the stigma that’s sometimes attached to having HIV. Come to Heather Ivy Society for HIV support services. Based in Atlanta, GA, we offer an anonymous, peer-to-peer support group and access to HIV provider resources.

Free Professional Guidance For Women With Hiv

Sometimes, a listening ear is all you need. But other times, you require professional guidance and resources for health, healing, and well-being. Some of the issues we address include:

  • How, When, and to Whom to Disclose Your HIV Status
  • Understanding and Dealing with HIV Stigma
  • Conception and Pregnancy When You Are HIV Positive
  • Pregnancy Contraception When You Are HIV Positive
  • Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)/Protecting Your Partner from HIV Transmission
  • Mental Health and Hygiene
  • Life Expectancy

What’s Included With Our Services?

Women may obtain peer and professional guidance on HIV-related women’s health issues without stigma, judgment, or harassment. The anonymous, online format of our support group allows women to be in community with other women who share their unique experiences while maintaining a level of privacy and discretion that is personally desired.

  • Anonymous, Online HIV Support
  • Updates on Women’s HIV Health Issues
  • Discussion Boards on Issues That Uniquely Impact Women Living with HIV
  • Information Updates by Professionals
  • HIV Provider Resources
  • Calendar of Local and National Events

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